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 Ranks, Rules, Tags

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PostSubject: Ranks, Rules, Tags   Ranks, Rules, Tags I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 3:04 am

King- Subject 13
Queen- Proxy, Zugger
Praetorian- predhunter28, The Hive Leader, PredEater, Ravenger,
Warrior- Drake 1337, Taffer, Subject 6
Drone- Grimreaper905, Kodiak8788, xXBornOfFireXx

King: The King is the leader of the clan
Queen: Queen are leaders of the clan but are not as powerful as the King
Praetorian: Praetorian are the co leaders of what ever branch they fall under
Warrior: Warriors are the ones who help me out with members and recruit members
Drone: Drones are the ones who have helped out with the clan,brought a couple members, are active, and useful when you need them

PS: If you think you or someone belongs under one of these position please email me right away

1. Do not advertise your clan
2. Do not spam
3. Do not flame with other members
4. If you are not a member of this clan do not post at all
5. Have fun

We have had a couple problems lately with rule 1 and rule 4. At the beginning i did not have a problem with other members posting here but recently we have had too many non clan members post here and many of you are unhappy. S o i wish for you to follow these rules, if you see non clan members posting here from now on i will give you the decision to punish them by giving them a bad reputation. Some of you may ask how to give them a bad reputation. On the bottom right corner of there post will be a addition and subtraction sign and in this case for the non clan members that post here, click the subtraction sign. But this is where it gets interesting If more then one member see the post that non clan members made. You may continue to give him a bad reputation. It does sound harsh but this is how t hey will learn. Like i said before have fun and follow the rules.


Tags are a big part of this community. If you notice around the forum you will see some members with (XSS) in there name. That my friend is the tag. But recently people have been posting them wrong. So i wish for you to please use them right. There will be an example at the bottom of this summary. The tag stands for Xenomorph Suicide Squad as you may know. You may think that tags are really stupid and you really don't want to put them in your name. But i want you to think and look around you how many people have posted (XSS) in there name. They are supporting the site just by posting it in there name. So i wish for all of you to use them correctly.

Example#1: (XSS)Subject 13 (wrong)
Example#2: Subject 13 (XSS) (wrong)
Example#3: Subj (XSS)ect 13 (wrong)
Example#4: (XSS) Subject 13 (right)

-Subject 13
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Ranks, Rules, Tags
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